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Submitted on
November 10, 2010


well... i've lived in spain for almost 3 years now... and... news just in. im going back to england.
Ya' know. in some points its bad and good. =/
uh... ill make a lil list:

i like coldness better
i'll be able to see my old friends again =D
im going to an english school where i can actually understand and learn something.
no more spanish school >.<
i'll get a better internet.
tha time zone is 1 hour behind spain...
and thats it.

i have to move away from here, means that i wont have umbreonking next door to adventure out in the forests and be stupid and derpy all day...
We have to leave the kittens behind because they are really young plus they havent had injections or something like that...
i already mentioned it but, i will really miss tha forests and all the bugs that live there...
no internet for up to a month..

well at the moment there are more good than bad... but the bad are REALLY bad... =/

i'm not sure i want to post this in my journal but i guess its just a message telling people  that i wont be online much in the next week or so. oh yeah- i might not have ANY internet for up to a whole month!!!!!! wait ill add it in tha list!!!

so yeah im leavingo the 26th of november =/

and thats the end of it.
  • Mood: Stupefied
  • Listening to: This cicada
  • Reading: The health and safety manuel for the DSI
  • Watching: My cursor. Weeeeeee!
  • Playing: With the setting on my new group- its fun
  • Eating: Sewage
  • Drinking: Sloppy Sewage
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Awesome... and rubbish :/ Have a good move :)
2Bluesoul2 Nov 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wish you luck! :D
AshAngel899 Nov 10, 2010   General Artist
AshAngel899 Nov 10, 2010   General Artist
moving does not sound fun :\
i KNOW..... =/ well im uploading another pic of my cat now =D
AshAngel899 Nov 10, 2010   General Artist
Kitty! :heart:
Like 4 of my sister's guy friends are over now... So my kitty is hiding under my bed right now~ >w<
>.< guy-friends?
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